Sunday, 5 May 2013

A fresh start

Well, wow. Long time no hear, let me try to bring you up to date, briefly.  2011 kind of collapsed running-wise. It was clear from some of my diary entries that the asthma was getting the better of me, and this continued through the rest of that summer. A few changes of medication later, and at the start of 2012 I signed up for a half in April, and did my best to stick to a 12 WK training plan for it. Didn't manage 100% to follow it, but not bad, and on race day all went well up to mile 6 and a bit when my leg turned into a steel rod as I was gripped my cramp which had pursued me all winter. I thought I would not be able to continue and limped the next mile. Then the cramp cleared and I was able to run the rest of the course. Needless to say, my target time went out of the window and I think I finished in 2:27 or something, but I was delighted to even have finished it, and knew my running was back in business.

Or so I thought. I had trouble the next few months with PF, sometimes so severe I couldn't even walk, and the rest of my running year was a goner. Instead I signed up for cycling and thoroughly enjoyed getting back into that. Inside I was desperate to run again, but the Loch2loch 150 mile charity ride for Asthma UK kept the focus on the wheels and gave my heel plenty time to mend.

And slowly, slowly I had started running again and now the realisation that if I'm gonna do 26.2 before I'm 50 then its gotta be next spring. So I entered the ballot for the VLM (London) whilst expecting not to get lucky, and it will be Edinburgh in May 2014.

So, the plan at the moment is training for July 12 HM,  then there's a 10k on Sept 7th, another Half on Sept 29th and then its 2014. Gulp.

Results of the VLM ballot are out in October, think its first week of October, but until then we don't know if its London or Edinburgh. But it will be one of em!!

Watch this space.

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